Who is it for?

Biodynamic massage offers general health benefits and can help a wide range of disorders, as well as aid general well-being. It is suitable for everyone over the age of 18.

Biodynamic massage can benefit those seeking spiritual personal development as well as those with physical symptoms:

– Stressful or busy lives
– Anxiety
– Difficulty presenting yourself with integrity
– Digestive problems
– Circulation problems
– Tension – including tension in the stomach
– Recurrent muscular aches and pains
– Stiff joints
– Unexplained physical exhaustion
– Physical exhaustion due to sport
– The well-being of those with cancer can be aided by this massage, especially during times of treatment such as chemotherapy.
– Biodynamic massage can benefit to those with terminal illness.
– It is suitable for the elderly and can help with many age related complaints.
– Those who act as carers can also often benefit greatly.
– Biodynamic massage can help the process of detoxification.

If you have an injury, this massage is still benificial. Work on other parts of the body will still benefit the whole, including the injured part, and should have a beneficial effect on the the body’s healing process.

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