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COntact and booking

Massage sessions last for one hour and are priced at £50 per session.

The initial session includes massage, following a brief amount of information gathering where I take notes about important matters such as medical history. It can be helpful to come with as much information as possible about your medical history since birth. After this session, effects of the massage may or may not be experienced. The work is a process, which is why, after the initial session, further sessions are usually booked in blocks of six to eight. We will then review progress and further sessions may be discussed.

Especially for the duration of the Covid 19 situation, I am able to work online with Zoom or Skype. Please get in touch if you are interested in exploring this option.

I am offering discounted sessions for those working in service industries affected by Covid 19 such as supermarkets, postal workers, care workers and those working with patients in hospitals and doctors surgeries. I also offer discounted sessions for those in genuine need.

For more information and booking, please contact me directly:

Telephone: 07989 784266
Email: baigent.biodynamic at gmail dot com

Locations of my practice:

Clarence House Therapy Centre
Clarence Street
Cornwall, TR18 2PA
Telephone: 01736 449463

The Centre

Chywoone Hill



Cornwall, TR18 5AR

Telephone: 01736 365890

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